About Mustang Ranch Artist Retreat

Enjoy field trips to the Canadian Badlands which will include photography day trips, sketching trips and studying this rugged landscape before getting it down on canvas or paper.  Watch the sun go down and capture the different shades in the night sky while the sun disappears on the horizon.  We will also take in trips to Lake Newell which is nearby and do some photography, capturing the boats, waves on the water, reflections and people just playing in the sand.  The sunsets on the water are phenomenal. 


We have a few Old buildings, corrals and wooden fences which will also add to the atmosphere while you are painting.  You will be taught basics of drawing to intermediate and beyond.


Another beautiful and site well worth taking in is the Bassano Dam, which was built in the early 1900’s.  This is a lesson in architectural drawing and is well worth the effort.


There is a working ranch with cattle and old corrals not far from the Artist Retreat, which will be a point of interest on a day trip.  I always have my camera handy upon taking trips there.