About Cenovus Flexhall

 The Cenovus Flexhall is a large gymnasium in the JBS Leisure Centre. Often the center of attention for sports, tournaments, events, and others, the Flexhall often receives a lot of attention during the sporting events it holds. There are many times where the flexhall is not being used, so grab some friends and come down to play some sports!   


The first Tuesday of the Month is Toonie Tuesday! Bring in $2.00 to use any part of the facility, including the Flexhall! Hours listed on this site are open times for the Cenovus Flexhall. Flexhall Hours are subject to change due to special events. For more information please call 403-362-3622.


  • This sport and play area has rubber sport flooring and is available for a variety of dryland sports and activities including basketball, volleyball, and badminton.  With a capacity of up to 716 people, the Cenovus Flexhall can also be booked for a variety of special events. Click for more Facility Rental information.
  • You can sign out our sport equipment at the front desk in exchange for picture identification.

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