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About Sailing on Lake Newell

Lake Newell is the largest manmade lake in Alberta. It also happens to be one of the warmest and fastest lakes in Southern Alberta; but what does the term fast mean? Lake Newell has a substantial amount of Wind allowing for amazing sailing in Southern Alberta. A true hidden gem, Lake Newell is within a 2 hour drive to any major Southern Alberta urban centre and makes for a very convenient getaway to do some sailing.  


Lake Newell is open to a variety of sizes of sailboats. Lake Newell is deep, fast and warm which allows for many types of wind craft to be used, and also allows sailors to start sailing earlier in the spring.   


Lake Newell is also host to the Newell Sailing Club. In 2013, the Newell Sailing Club hosted the Sailwest championships here on Lake Newell. This club is always open to contact and welcoming others out onto the lake.  

Sailing on Lake Newell

Kinbrook Island Provincial Park