About A Burst of Color Run

Come join us by participating in this exciting NEW event happening in Rosemary this summer! 5km (3.1 miles) of fun, a little bit of physical excercise and a whole lot of paint! With the help of our amazing volunteers we will be able to put on this fantastic opportunity for both young and old and raise some money that will be donated to the Brooks and District Health Foundation.


A Burst of Color is a fun community charity 5km run. We will be donating this year to the Brooks and District Health Foundation. We will be setting up and giving out runners packages by 9:00am on the 28th, in the Centennial Park (with the white gazebo) in Rosemary. Once you pick up your package - you will need to put on your "Burst of Color" T-shirt, and as the clock approaches 10:00am, you will be directed to the starting line. As the run begins, you will make your way onto our running route, which will be clearly marked with signs and volunteers. This will be mainly cross-country, with no contact with the highway whatsoever (most of the run will be on a running path along the canal - which is quite a pretty, scenic route). As you approach the 1km mark you will see big colorful flags and volunteers waiting for you, and as you pass them, you will run through a brilliant cloud of color.

Then on to the 2km mark where a different colored cloud will be waiting for you!

At the end of the race, all runners/walkers/wheelers will cross the finish line covered in 5 vibrant colors!

We hope that you want to join us in our first attempt at this fun run. Your run will not be timed - it is not a competition, just a challenge to come on out and join us for some exercise, community spirit, and fundraising for a great cause!

After the run there will be a small brunch provided to the registered runners just past the finish line back in the Centennial Park again (where the race started).

Please be aware that pictures will be taken and posted on our website and possibly local newspapers as well, after the race!


The Color Run