About The Dimestore Fishermen

The Dimestore Fishermen is a uniquely Canadian outdoor program that focuses on the cultural, historical & recreational aspects of the Canadian communities & watersheds that the program visits.

Jim Hoey is the originator, host & producer of the critically acclaimed Canadian outdoor documentary that has spawned 153 unique episodes all over Canada. (See TV Broadcasts on the left side of any page on the site for more information.). The home base for the program is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The program takes viewers on a tour of some of the very best in Lake, Ocean, River and Ice fishing locations Canada has to offer. Have a peek at some of the greatest fishing areas in the world today. Learn about products and techniques that will help you become better at fishing. The Dimestore Fishermen is celebrating broadcast for over 10 years nationally in Canada, internationally and is one of the premiere television fishing shows in the world today.