Feelgood Friday!


Our first Feelgood Friday of the year is a chat with none other than Tyler Carr​, the man behind the original Feelgood Friday segment in Brooks and his co-star (and Chamber Member!) Marlan Harris​ from A&W! Could there be a better way to welcome 2018 than a some feelgood vibes and a tribute to originators of this awesome tradition? Nope!

Chamber: Why did you bring “Feelgood Fridays” to our local station in Brooks?

Tyler: When I first started I said to myself... "what do I want to try and do in Brooks?" It took a few months, but after seeing posts on Facebook and hearing some conversations - I realized... Brooks is a positive place full of people with love, but nobody really focuses on it. 

People get caught up with the negativity placed online. 

I had an opening on the show and I remember explaining it as an hour where people could listen for 5 minutes or the full hour, but ALWAYS leave the vehicle feeling good. 

The goal was to have people in a good mood when they started their day so they would show love and carry on what made Brooks such a special place. 

Chamber: What was your favorite or most memorable Feelgood Friday?

Tyler: Well, Marlan was always the star! And her bad jokes she shared were always soooo good!

Marlan: It was just so much fun!  We laughed all the time!  Tyler is such a positive and fun personality, he really made it easy.  One of my favorite memories was that I would knock loudly on his door before walking in each Friday, and it always scared him.  I loved it when he would laugh so much that he couldn't even talk.

Tyler: And a few times we invited guests. Trish from Trinity Hair Studio​ joined us a few times. We asked people to call in and tell us their "hair horror story" and Trish had beauty products to giveaway.

All hour, we got calls after calls of people saying how their hair dyed the wrong colour or they completely had to shave it after a mistake. Laughter filled the hour and it made us all realize...

Even though we are all different, we are all the same as well. EVERYONE has a hair horror story. It was just a great morning.

Marlan: One of my favorite memories was when we made awesome gingerbread houses at Christmas with directions from listeners.  People phoning in were always ready and willing to go along with whatever crazy thing we asked them to do.  It really was the best way to start a day.

Chamber: Any thoughts on the Chamber of Commerce taking up your mantle and continuing the tradition?

Tyler: I think it's awesome. Spreading happiness and positivity is always great. Brooks is such a great place with creative businesses, it's nice to see them shine. 

Chamber: Folks here sure miss you! Any New Year’s message for them?

Tyler: Just remember January 1st you start writing a new chapter in your book of life. Remove words of hate, jealously and revenge and replace with love, compassion and honesty.

You can catch up with Tyler at his awesome new gig at ENERGY106FM​ in Winnipeg or online at http://energy106.ca/tyler-carr/.

Posted on:
Friday, January 05, 2018